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Become a Content Provider

At NuStream Entertainment we offer a wide variety of unique original content, including full feature & short films, documentaries, mini-series, shows, podcasts, educational videos, and more!

We also offer Very Lucrative pay per view revenue splits on the content you provide on NuStream Entertainment.

Our goal is to offer the best content for our viewers, not the most content.

All of the content is reviewed prior to posting to the site. We offer quality family friendly entertainment. 

To find out more about our Content Provider Program please contact us using the form below.


Content Provider Testimonials

"Becoming a content provider for was painless and exciting. Whit is truly genuine, and just simply lovely to work with. He knows the business of streaming, and wants everyone involved to be a winner. I highly suggest to all of the musicians, authors, film makers, and so forth, to open their creative mind and produce video material that will fit the NuStream Entertainment criteria. It's a platform that works!"

Julie Woik


Content Provider Approval Process
1) Content Provider Submits "Become a Content Provider" form.
2) NuStream Entertainment LLC reviews information provided in form.
3) NuStream Entertainment LLC follows up via email with Potential Content Provider and schedules a call.
4) If the content and vibe is good between the parties, NuStream LLC provides the link to upload the piece of content.
5) The NuStream Entertainment LLC team reviews the content.
6) If approved, the NuStream Entertainment team posts the content to the platform.

7) Before receiving any PPV revenue sharing, the Content Provider must fill out their account information. 
Lets Roll!


Content Provider Form

Contact / Content Information

Content Provider Profile

This information will be used to build your profile and will be posted on the Content Provider Profile page, so your new fans can get to know and follow you!

This information will only be posted to the platform if you are approved as a Content Provider by the NuStream team.
The NuStream team will use the URL (link) to review and evaluate your content.
Please upload your profile image (pic or logo)
Please Upload Pic or Logo Here

Thanks for contacting us. Your form has been submitted.

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