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Become A Content Provider or Affiliate!

Showcase your awesome music and video content across the world!

We offer a Very Lucrative Content Provider Program where you receive 50% of the pay per view revenue for the content that you showcase on


Join our Affiliate Program and earn a share of the pay per view revenue for the Content Providers you bring to!

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Additional Information

We are currently gathering content, and will be heavily marketing the platform using legacy strategies, social media, proprietary strategies, and cross promoting with Mega Stars in September.

In addition, we cross promote with our Content Providers using their links. Excellent way to get more followers and interest from others on your platforms!

Let's Roll!



Contact us to set up a meeting and learn more!

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Content Provider Testimonial

"Becoming a content provider for was painless and exciting. Whit is truly genuine, and just simply lovely to work with. He knows the business of streaming, and wants everyone involved to be a winner. I highly suggest to all of the musicians, authors, film makers, and so forth, to open their creative mind and produce video material that will fit the NuStream Entertainment criteria. It's a platform that works!"

Julie Woik


Thanks Julie! She is an incredible person who is dedicated to Digital Childrens books. She showcases her content on, which is one of our other platforms that offers a wide variety of different types of content including films, shows, podcasts, music, as well as other content. Check it out!


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